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Vision, Mission, Values


To be a trusted neighbor who provides access to a full range of quality health care services to our resident community with special emphasis on greater New York's Chinese community.

To be a center of excellence for ambulatory care, health maintenance and primary care education for all who live or work in lower Manhattan.

To be a leader in the field of emergency preparedness and disaster response.

We will realize our vision through community-based facilities, related networks, and our relationship with the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System.

The elements of this vision are as follows:

As a community-based health care organization, it is our responsibility to reach into the community and welcome it into the Hospital. Patients, visitors and staff should feel that they have come into a caring environment. New York Downtown Hospital recognizes that the community is the focus of medical and economic forces, which affect the health status of residents. The Hospital has an obligation to act in a positive fashion to improve the health of its neighbors.

As a community-based organization, we seek to provide access to the full range of health and social services. These services may be performed through traditional forms of care, such as inpatient services, as well as non-traditional forms that could include extended social services, assistance with housing, midwifery and other supportive activities.

Greater New York's Chinese population is dispersed throughout the five boroughs and counties in New Jersey and Connecticut. New York Downtown Hospital will seek to serve the total health care needs of the Chinese community. This will include culturally sensitive staff, facilities and services.

The Hospital will focus its energies on providing excellent services. The patient who uses the Hospital should be able to say, "I was well served." The staff who work at the Hospital should be able to say, "I work with excellent staff. I recommend my Hospital." Health maintenance is the concept of providing health care in a fashion that goes beyond what traditional hospital services call for-that is, the Hospital will offer preventive services and other outreach activities. It will build on the tradition of caring for women as established by Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., whose New York Infirmary for Women and Children is the forerunner of New York Downtown Hospital.

Lower Manhattan has over 375,000 people who commute into the area for work each day. This commuter population generally receives much of its health care in home communities. This work force, however, depends on New York Downtown Hospital to be available and ready to serve them when an emergent need arises. But the Hospital must be more than just an emergency room to this population. Our vision is that the Hospital will be seen as a source for any health care service for those who work as well as live Downtown.

This concept pushes the Hospital beyond its own walls through the establishment of outreach programs and primary care centers in the community. The Hospital must also have in place systems that make the transition from a community-based service to a hospital-based service with ease. As a member of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System, Downtown Hospital will be able to provide a full spectrum of medical services to our patients.


Downtown Hospital is a community teaching hospital committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the people who live in, work in, or visit Lower Manhattan.

As a community hospital, Downtown Hospital offers healthcare to meet the specific needs of the community with an emphasis on outreach and ambulatory services.

The Hospital also provides ready access to the most sophisticated medical technology and procedures through affiliation with the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System.

As a teaching hospital, Downtown Hospital conducts graduate and undergraduate educational programs, continuing medical education programs, and provides clinical experience for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other health professionals.

Downtown Hospital offers its patients, medical staff, and employees a caring environment that emphasizes patient dignity and professional pride.


These values and principles are shared by all the women and men of New York Downtown Hospital's health care team.

All activities will be aimed at earning and keeping the trust and confidence of our patients, their families and their employers through the provision of quality services.

We will hold ourselves fully accountable for our actions and be honest and ethical in all our dealings. We will have high standards for ourselves and uphold the Hospital's high standards of professional behavior.

We will conduct our activities with patients, staff, families, vendors, community members and employers with respect for the other person.

We will work for New York Downtown Hospital first, our departments second. We will support each other and feel free to ask for help from a colleague when necessary.

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