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New York Downtown Hospital has been the Lower Manhattan business community's medical safety net for nearly a century, since the forerunner of Downtown Hospital was formed in reaction to a terrorist bombing in front of JP Morgan in 1920. Since that time, the Downtown work force has grown and changed, and Downtown Hospital's emergency and healthcare services have evolved as well to meet the needs of this dynamic working community.

Emergency Services - The only Hospital south of Houston Street, Downtown Hospital, with the help of its corporate partners including the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and JP Morgan, has built a nationally recognized Emergency Medicine Department and Chest Pain Evaluation Center. Led by a team of Board Certified Emergency Medicine specialists, the New York Downtown Emergency Medicine Department sees more than 30,000 patient visits each year, many of them coming from the Lower Manhattan workforce.

From the largest banks and brokerage houses to the new smaller services firms, employers can feel secure that their employees will receive the highest quality care when they are sent to Downtown Hospital for medical emergencies. Because patients from the Downtown workforce are often sent to our Emergency Room directly from their company's health unit or benefits office, we have established a Corporate Health Hotline Program to ensure that care and communication are coordinated.

The Corporate Health Hotline - The Hotline can be used by occupational health unit physicians and nurses and by other individuals at Downtown companies who refer employees to the Emergency Room. Companies using the hotline can communicate directly with our dedicated Corporate Liaison Nurse before and after their employee's arrival. For more information on how to use the Corporate Health Hotline, please call (917) 826-0944.

At Downtown Hospital, we understand the value of good health to you and your employees. Over the years, our physicians and nurses practicing in the Downtown business community have proven the effectiveness of work-site health promotion in helping employers and their employees proactively identify and manage health issues.

Downtown HeartSavers - Our Downtown HeartSavers health outreach program was launched over a decade ago to promote heart healthy habits among employees in the fast-paced Wall Street workforce. Through Downtown HeartSavers, Downtown Hospital physicians and nurses bring vital cardiac health information to Downtown employees in the form of lectures, blood pressure screenings, nutritional counseling, and other customized programs.

Work-Site Health Promotion - In addition to the Downtown HeartSavers health outreach program, we offer a broad range of employee health and wellness services that can be conveniently arranged at your workplace. The following is a sample listing of health promotion programs and screenings that can be provided to your employees.

Blood pressure screening
Breast screening and mammography
Colo-rectal cancer screening
Flu vaccination
Foot screening
Nutrition assessment and education
Prostate screening
Skin cancer screening
Vision and glaucoma screening
Women's health information and education


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Speakers Bureau

Downtown Hospital physicians and nurses are available for lectures, presentations, discussions, and health screenings for companies and community organizations. Organizations may select from a wide range of topics (provided below) or request a customized presentation. To schedule a presentation or screening, call the Corporate Health Line at (917) 826-0944

Allergy and Immunology
Springtime allergies, asthma, allergic skin disorders, food allergies

Heart disease topics; prevention of heart disease and risk factor modification

Skin cancer, common skin problems, genital warts, herpes

Food and Nutrition
Healthy eating habits, food and nutrition counseling

Family Medicine/Primary Care/Internal Medicine
When and why you need a family doctor, end-of-life decision making, travel medicine, cholesterol, diabetes, and osteoporosis

Gastro-Intestinal Medicine
All GI topics including new treatment of ulcers and colon cancer prevention

Infectious Diseases

Cancer prevention and detection including breast and colon cancer

Vision and glaucoma screening, refractive surgery, diabetic eye disease, tear drainage problems, cataracts and glaucoma

Pediatric and newborn care, child safety

Physical Therapy
Ergonomics, sports injuries, incontinence, general physical therapy, neck and back pain, stretching exercises, repetitive strain disorder

Plastic Surgery
General cosmetic surgery, breast surgery, facial rejuvenation surgery and non-surgical facial rejuvenation (peels, laser, etc.)

Common foot problems, sports injuries, strengthening exercises, geriatric foot care.

Pulmonary and Critical Care
Pulmonary and lung disorders

Plastic and laparoscopic surgery - gallbladder, hernia, and colorectal complaints, hemorrhoids

Prostate cancer, sexual diseases, dysfunction/impotence, male infertility, female urology

Women's Health
Pre-conception health, pregnancy and high-risk obstetrics, breast exams, pelvic exams, PAP testing, pregnancy testing, birth control, family planning, hormone replacement therapy, STD's and HIV, incontinence, pelvic organ relaxation, mammography

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