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Dzi Yuan: The Palliative Care Consultation Service at New York Downtown Hospital

What is Palliative Care?
Palliative Care is the active, compassionate care of the chronically and terminally ill, and focuses on improving the quality of life for the patient and on supporting caregivers and families. The emphasis of palliative care is on pain and symptom management, and on meeting the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural needs of patients, their caregivers and loved ones. It is multidisciplinary in its approach and extends to include grief and bereavement.

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Dzi Yuan: The Palliative Care Program at New York Downtown Hospital
Responses to serious illness, as well as beliefs about death and dying, are culturally influenced and have a tremendous impact on how patients and their families are treated. Access to culturally-appropriate services can have dramatic positive effects on patient outcomes. Therefore, Dzi Yuan: The Palliative Care Consultation Service at New York Downtown Hospital offers a full range of palliative care services to Chinese patients, their caregivers and families in an effective, culturally-sensitive manner. Education, information, medical treatment, and other related services are all provided in Chinese by a specially trained team of healthcare professionals who respect patients' cultural beliefs and personal wishes.

Dzi Yuan: The Palliative Care Consultation Service at New York Downtown Hospital provides:
• Guidance regarding available care and treatment choices
• Aggressive pain and symptom management
• Coordination of care throughout the course of illness
• Ongoing, clear communication between patients, families, physicians, and other healthcare providers
• Assistance to patients and families trying to navigate the healthcare system
• Practical and emotional support for family

The Palliative Care Team:
Dzi Yuan: The Palliative Care Consultation Service at New York Downtown Hospital is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of doctors, clinical nurse specialists, case managers, social workers, patient advocates and other professionals. Working together, the Palliative Care Team at New York Downtown Hospital:
• Facilitates patient understanding of diagnosis and prognosis to promote informed choices
• Assists patients in establishing goals of care and establishing priorities
• Promotes timely access to palliative care services
• Provides physical, psychological, social, and spiritual support to patients and their caregivers and loved ones
• Facilitates care planning with family to meet multidimensional care needs
• Collaborates with primary care professionals in developing a plan of care
• Encourages advanced care planning
• Educates and mentors the hospital staff to ensure optimum patient care

How to Get Help:
A physician's referral is needed for the initial consultation. The Palliative Care Team carefully screens and discusses each patient's case with the referring physician. A plan of care is then tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient's situation. Team members work with the patient and family throughout the hospitalization and will stay in contact with them even after the patient leaves the hospital.

For more information or questions about Dzi Yuan: The Palliative Care Consultation Service at New York Downtown Hospital, please call: (212) 312-5816.

This program is supported by The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation & The Altman Foundation.

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