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Orthopedic Surgery Developments at Downtown Hospital

Dr. Ken McCulloch has performed Downtown Hospital's first Total Hip Resurfacing. With Total Hip Resurfacing, both the neck of the femur (thigh bone) and the majority of the femoral head are preserved and only the worn out surface of the femoral head is resurfaced. In a standard hip replacement, the femoral head and the majority of the femoral neck are removed and a stem is inserted into the femur.

Some benefits of Total Hip Resurfacing are:
- Bone retention, which facilitates any possible, future procedures
- Lower incidence of dislocations
-Greater range of motion
-Fewer restrictions on postoperative activities
- Ability to return to more aggressive or high impact activities

Dr. McCulloch is also one of the first Surgeons to perform an Anterior Hip Replacement in New York City.

This minimally invasive procedure differs from standard hip replacement in that the surgeon does not cut or sever any muscles or tendons. The surgery is performed through a smaller incision and through a natural space in the muscle groups surrounding the hip. As a result, patients typically experience less discomfort and a quicker recovery. Patients are generally able to walk without a cane or crutches in half the time, and their length of stay in the hospital is greatly reduced.

In addition, because the approach is from the front of the hip joint, there is less risk of postoperative dislocation. Patients are, therefore, not required to restrict their movements after surgery or to use a pillow between their legs while in bed, as they must with standard hip replacement surgery.

During surgery, imaging is utilized to verify positioning of the hip replacement, which more accurately restores the length of the leg and reproduces the patient's normal anatomy. The components last longer and provide the maximum benefit to the patient. This technique also causes less discomfort and enables a quicker return to one's daily lifestyle.

For more information, or to contact Dr. McCulloch or any of our fine Surgeons, call the Department of Surgery at (212) 312-5370.


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