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The Hospitalist Service

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A New Service for Primary Care Physicians and their Patients

What is a Hospitalist Service?

The growing specialty of in-patient physicians or "hospitalists" is one of the more significant health care trends of the past decade. Hospitalist programs have been shown to lower health care costs while maintaining the quality and consistency of medical care.

Hospitalists are physicians especially trained in the delivery of in-patient care. The hospitalists in the New York Downtown Hospital program are Board Certified or Board Eligible in Internal Medicine. Hospitalists assist primary care physicians in providing appropriate in-hospital care to their patients.

Hospitalists deliver, coordinate and oversee all aspects of patient care in the hospital setting. Primary care physicians are fully informed of their patient's clinical status and receive a comprehensive discharge summary for each patient.

Upon discharge, patients return to the care of their primary care physician.

Benefits of the DH Hospitalist Service:

Confidence in High Quality Care:
Conscientious physicians want their patients to receive the same level of quality care in the hospital as they receive in the physician's private office. The Hospitalist Service assists primary care physicians by providing their patients in the hospital with top-quality coordinated medical care. This is especially important when a physician is unable to come to visit a patient in the hospital due to an unexpected emergency, or due to a sabbatical or other personal leave of absence.

Responsive and Coordinated Care:
The hospitalist carefully evaluates each patient on a daily basis and can promptly respond to any changes in a patient's condition or diagnostic findings. The hospitalist's daily on-site presence ensures efficient coordination of the care rendered by hospital staff, medical subspecialists, and diagnostic services. When necessary, the hospitalists at Downtown Hospital can also offer primary care physicians and their patients access to the most advanced medical technology and procedures through affiliation with the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System.

Patient Satisfaction:
Patients feel reassured, knowing that they will be seen every day by an in-patient specialist who is in regular contact with their trusted primary care physician. Ongoing communication by the hospitalist with primary care physicians, hospital staff, patients and their families results in efficient, well-coordinated care and a greater degree of patient confidence and satisfaction.

In addition, the hospitalist team is multilingual and able to communicate easily with Chinese- and Spanish-speaking patients and their families.

Hospitalist programs have been shown to lower health care costs and shorten hospital days while favorably influencing the quality of care--factors that positively effect patients' hospital experiences and their medical outcomes.

Convenience and Flexibility:
Downtown Hospital is conveniently located for patients living in, working in or visiting Lower Manhattan, including the areas of Wall Street, TriBeCa, Battery Park City, Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

The Hospitalist Service is available on a voluntary, case-by-case basis to ensure flexibility and control for physicians and their patients.

For more details about the Hospitalist Service at Downtown Hospital, please call (212) 312-5187.

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