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Chinese Community Partnership for Health

The first time a hospital ever conducted a health screening inside a garment factory in New York City's Chinatown was November 1994. Since that first hopeful step toward improving healthcare access within the Chinese community, New York Downtown Hospital's Chinese Community Partnership for health has served more than 100,000 people where they live and work. Many of the people we have served are new to this country and Western medicine, do not speak English, have limited funds until the Partnership for Health had no means to access preventive healthcare and education.

The partnership was formed through a collaboration of New York Downtown Hospital with 32 leading Chinese business, civic and family associations. It is a community-base initiative that has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare to New York's Chinese community. Its success in reaching, detecting and preventing chronic disease in many of the most vulnerable members of our community has made the Partnership a model program replicated in other cities.

Developed with funds from a seed grant from the Starr Foundation, William B. Butz Memorial Fund and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Partnership now operates solely from contributions from individuals, community organizations and charitable foundations. Its premise is the same today as it was at its founding: to meet the unmet healthcare needs of the Chinese community throughout New York City with respect for Chinese culture, traditions and heritage.

The centerpiece of the Partnership program is its health screening activities conducted by specially trained outreach teams, which include bilingual nurses familiar with both Eastern and Western healthcare concepts and practices. The outreach team visits garment factories, community and senior centers and public schools to screen for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, breast cancer, vision and hearing, dental and other health needs.

The need to continue and expand the Partnership program is urgent, as proved by our data for 10,000 individuals screened through December 1998 for hypertension, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol and breast cancer. More than half of those persons screened had abnormal results requiring follow-up care, clearly, critical unmet needs remain for primary care and early intervention service among New York's Chinese population.


Early Detection Illness Prevention
The goal of this program is to make medical services easier to access by bringing health screenings and education into the Chinese community where people work and lived. The purpose is to identify undeserved and at-risk individuals in need of prenatal care or with potential for stroke, heart problems, infectious and chronic diseases.

Women's Health Project
Chinese women often do not utilize breast and cervical cancer screening services due to lack of knowledge about risk factors and benefits of screening. The Women's Health Project includes: 1) preparation of culturally sensitive health education materials on breast and cervical cancer prevention, 2) small group workshops conducted in Chinese by a registered nurse and 3) follow-up and case management services.

Mother and Baby Health Program
To assess the health status of mother and baby and reinforce parenting skills and the learning of newborn care practices, the Hospital has initiated a follow-up phone service in Chinese. The program employs a bilingual community health nurse who visits with mother, baby and other family members in the maternity unit to determine learning needs, teach new care concepts and skills, negotiate culturally appropriate care practices and provide reassurances. The community health nurse then makes a follow-up phone call and can also be reached through the toll-free Chinese language hotline for advice after the mother and baby go home.

Health Education Referral Hotline - 1-866-652-8302
The Chinese-language hotline provides health education, personal counseling and assistance in overcoming obstacles to healthcare for the Chinese population of New York. The hotline is staffed by the bilingual community health nurse and callers from all over the U.S. request information and assistance about health services.

Educating Through Radio and Newspapers
The Partnership reaches thousands of radio listeners and newspaper readers each month through Chinese-language health education programs produced and written by Hospital medical professionals.


The people and organizations who support the Downtown Hospital Chinese Community Partnership for health deserved the highest recognition for their generosity. To show the Hospital's appreciation for their commitment to the health of the Chinese Community, a Wall of Honor has been created in their name.

The idea for the Wall of Honor was originated by Hospital trustee Mrs. Lai Wah Fung. As a testament to their continuing support of the Chinese Community Partnership for Health, Television Broadcast Limited (TVB) of Hong Kong generously arranged for international celebrity Gallen Lo to unveil the "Wall" at special ceremonies held at the Hospital February 26, 1999.

Individuals or organizations that donate at least $1000 are eligible to have their name permanently displayed on the "Wall of Honor", which is located in a place of prominence inside the main entrance of the Hospital. To properly recognized donors who had add to their original gift, name plates will be moved up to the level that most appropriately reflects the donor's enhanced generosity.

To become a member of the Wall of Honor, to make a donation, or to request further information, please contact the Corporate Development Department of Downtown Hospital at (212) 801-1700.

THE KNOT | A Symbol of Harmony

The Chinese knot selected as the symbol of the Chinese Community Partnership for Health represents one of the eight treasures of the Buddhist faith. The design signifies the interconnectedness between people, institutions, community, cities, states, countries, societies, and heaven and earth - in achieving harmony and eternal life (permanency).

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