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Day in and day out, the doctors, nurses and staff of New York Downtown Hospital care for the men, women and children of Lower Manhattan. Access to that care is often made easier through the Hospital's unique partnerships with community institutions and businesses.

A young Wall Street trader with severe chest pain receives life-saving, clot-busting drug treatment during a cardiac event by a team of nationally recognized cardiologists in the Hospital's Chest Pain Evaluation Unit. The Chest Pain Unit, recently named by New York Magazine as one of the finest in the City, was funded through a partnership with major Downtown companies. For his rehabilitation, the young man returns twice weekly to Downtown Hospital for nutritional counseling, a stress management program, and nurse-monitored exercise in our modern Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, also built with funding from our Downtown Corporate Partners.

A home-bound, elderly resident of the Southbridge Towers residential community receives an in-home visit from her doctor through an On-Site Health Service established through a partnership between Downtown Hospital, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, and Southbridge Towers.

A first-time mother in Battery Park City delivers her new baby with her family around her in a new, private maternity suite, and a Downtown Little-Leaguer leaves the emergency room ready to play ball again following treatment for a minor cut in PromptCare, our fast-track emergency program for minor injuries. Both the new Maternity Center and the PromptCare service were developed to serve the needs of one of Lower Manhattan's newest fast-growing community - - young families.

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