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Wellness & Prevention Center

The state-of-the-art Wellness and Prevention Center at New York Downtown Hospital provides patients with the latest and most comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, many of which are not currently available in Lower Manhattan. The Center represents a fundamental advance in primary healthcare for our community. The reduction of health risk factors is not only achieved by accurate diagnosis, but also by the timely follow-through of excellent and appropriate treatment. Patients will always have a trusted physician, and will never be left to confront their health issues in confusion, without guidance and support.

The Preventive Medicine Center
Each patient will have a preliminary work-up performed by a Primary Care physician. Trained in a broad range of disease types, physicians will complete a formal medical history and perform a comprehensive physical. Testing will follow evidence-based clinical protocols that are age and gender specific. Clinical findings will be developed into individual patient medical profiles with customized risk assessments and recommended treatment plans.

The Women's Health Center
At the Women's Health Center, specialists in women's healthcare provide a broad range of women's medical services including, but not limited to: early cancer detection and follow-up; incontinence; pelvic organ prolapse and chronic pelvic pain; general gynecological evaluation and menopause management; breast imaging and health; and osteoporosis.

The Breast Health Center
The Breast Health Center offers compassionate and comprehensive breast care supported by leading edge technology and clinical excellence. State of the art digital mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI are utilized for the early detection and management of breast disease. Patient specific approaches to treatment and recovery are developed in consultation with the patient. Our expert team includes female breast surgeons, reconstructive plastic surgeons, fellowship trained breast radiologists, expert breast pathologists and a nurse navigator.

The Moody's Center for Cardiovascular Health
The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Center focuses on the prevention of heart and vascular disease through early identification, as well as implementation of therapeutic lifestyle changes and risk factor modification. The Center provides cardiovascular risk assessment through a variety of non-invasive methods, as medically indicated. Cardiac specialists at the Center have access to the latest clinical equipment to perform detailed lipid analysis, state-of-the-art 4-D echocardiography, and 64 slice cardiac computed tomography angiography for the early detection of sub-clinical heart disease. A full range of stress testing modalities are also available.
Fully in line with the Hospital's core value of Patient First, the Wellness and Prevention Center strives to consistently deliver convenience, courtesy, efficiency, and access to quality physicians. Appointments are scheduled through a Central Call Center to maximize efficiency and reduce waiting times.

Patients requiring further highly technological diagnostics, or specialized physician consultations, will have the advantage of expedited referrals to specialists and facilities at the world renowned NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System, Weill Cornell Medical Center. This provides patients with prompt and direct access to the best physicians and medical resources in New York.

Hours of Service
8:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m.
For appointments, call (212) 238-0180

For more information please contact:
Bradford Wallick, Clinical Administrator (646) 588-2538

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