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Wound Treatment Clinic

The Wound Treatment Clinic
New York Downtown Hospital

A wound that persists for months or years needs special care. You can find that special care at the Wound Treatment Clinic at New York Downtown Hospital

Wound Treatment Clinic has a proven record of success with even the most difficult wounds. Our trained health care professionals have vast experience in dealing with wounds due to all causes, in locations throughout the body.

Poor circulation, diabetes, immobility, and venous insufficiency often result in wounds that do not respond to ordinary treatment. Problem wounds can also complicate the treatment of other conditions such as heart, lung, and kidney disease. New York Downtown Hospital has developed proven, successful treatment plans to fit the needs of all patients.

Dr. Steven Friedman, the Director of the Wound Treatment Clinic, is a nationally renown board certified vascular surgeon with more than two decades of experience identifying and addressing the underlying causes of chronic wounds in order to develop an effective treatment plan. Dr. Friedman directs an interdisciplinary team consisting of vascular, general and plastic surgeons; podiatrists; and wound care nurses.

If time matters and comfort counts, contact the Wound Treatment Clinic at New York Downtown Hospital.

The Wound Treatment Clinic
83 Gold Street, New York, NY 10038 Telephone: (646) 898-4750

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