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The Downtown Hospital is a premier research institution. Successful past and current research projects include infectious diseases, oncology, transplant surgery, pathology and other areas. The Hospital Research Department is routinely invited to present its research at both national and international research meetings and is the recipient of both national and international awards. Most recently, the Downtown Hospital was also the first research institution to enroll patients in a multi-center respiratory trial, the first to perform curative cancer surgery on a pregnant uterus, and is among the few New York City hospitals who received the Empire Clinical Research Investigator Award (ECRIP).

In addition, Downtown Hospital has been actively engaged in a wide range of research activities. These include providing administrative grant support to research investigators, developing investigator-initiated research proposals and building relationships with grant funding organizations to bring awareness to our institution's immense research interest and potential. This year alone we have sent out over 80 research grant solicitations and proposals. Successful research funded projects include the areas of infectious diseases, oncology, surgery, and pathology.
The dedicated research staff provides support to any interested investigators with their current research initiatives by helping them develop their research protocols, assisting them with I.R.B. compliance issues, and other research details.

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