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President and CEO of New York Downtown Hospital

A Message from Jeffrey Menkes
President and CEO of New York Downtown Hospital

Downtown New York is a vibrant community. Over the past year, Downtown Hospital has welcomed 2,900 infants into the world, and 2008 brings with it the expectation of an even larger number of births. The Chinese community continues to grow apace, and new populations are continually choosing Lower Manhattan as their home. New businesses are moving in to 7 WTC and the construction of residences and office buildings is ongoing.

By 2012, Lower Manhattan will lay claim to its position as the hub of our great city.

Downtown Hospital is an integral member of this exciting neighborhood. Throughout its 150-year history, the Hospital has kept pace with the burgeoning of this area. The magnificent, $25 million Lehman Brothers Emergency Center is the Hospital's most recent capital improvement. It stands as the proud successor to other Downtown Hospital emergency rooms that heroically responded to nearly every crisis in the Downtown area. Downtown Hospital was the first hospital to respond to the tragedy of September 11, 2001, as well as to the 1993 WTC bombing, and to the bombing of Fraunces Tavern, an historic meeting place in Lower Manhattan.

While Downtown Hospital has always been here to respond during moments of communal and individual healthcare crises, the Hospital also continues to adapt to meet the evolving needs of Lower Manhattan. New centers dedicated to Joint Reconstruction, Vascular Care, Wound Care, as well as the Acute Care for Elders Unit, are current efforts to respond to the needs of our community. The Hospital has recently been designated by the Department of Health as a Stroke Center, enabling us to provide timely care for those whose lives are threatened by a stroke.

Future plans include the construction of the Wellness and Prevention Center. Financing for this venture has been provided by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, and will enable the Hospital to offer our patients the latest medical procedures and technology in order to maintain their good health.

New York Downtown Hospital is proud to be part of the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System (NYPH). This affiliation allows us to provide a seamless coordination of patient care and to import the vast talent of NYPH to the Downtown community.

However, our greatest resource remains the talent of our dedicated employees who pride themselves on consistently providing the excellent level of care which our community has come to expect from Downtown Hospital. As we begin this new year, The Board of Trustees, and the administration and staff of Downtown Hospital again affirm their commitment to offer quality health care to this vibrant community.

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