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Breakthrough Project Enhances Care, Improves Patient Satisfaction

Two new quality initiatives were recently launched at Downtown Hospital. As part of the “Breakthrough Project,” sponsored by a New York State Health Care Reform Act (IIB)Grant, each quality initiative focused on a different area of patient health, but both shared the overall goal of enhancing the efficient delivery of quality care and increasing patient satisfaction.

One initiative focused on establishing faster responses to patient call bells in an effort to enhance patient safety and satisfaction. It was spearheaded by the Fourth Floor-C Unit Patient Care Team. The 4C Team received a 100% favorable review in meeting its goal of increased responsiveness to patient call bells from patients who completed the Hospital's Patient Advocacy Survey

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Team chose to focus on reducing the incidence and size of pressure ulcers, sometimes known as bedsores or pressure sores. These are caused by unrelieved pressure to any part of the body, usually from prolonged periods in a bed. Although completely treatable if found early, without medical attention, pressure ulcers may cause life-threatening conditions and even death. The ICU Team successfully met its goal of reducing the incidence and size of pressure ulcers by more than 50%.

Both Downtown Hospital Breakthrough Project initiatives were so successful that they are being implemented throughout the Hospital as part of its commitment to continuous quality improvement. The Teams involved were also asked to present their projects and findings to a national audience of healthcare professionals at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in New York this past month.

The Breakthrough Project at Downtown Hospital was sponsored by a New York State Health Care Reform Act (IIB) Grant. This grant provides an opportunity for union members and management to work in teams in order to provide efficient delivery of patient care and increase patient satisfaction. The Downtown Hospital Teams were supported by the following union and management sponsors: Valry Anderson, 1199 Contract Administrator; Barbara Boursiquot, RN, CWA; Alison Corinotis, Human Resources; Majella Venturanza, RN, Director of Nursing; Candido Anaya, M.D., Department of Medicine; Kevin Dwyer, Director of Food and Nutrition; Adrianna Fargelli, Director of Housekeeping and Material Management; Gary Moore, 1199 Organizer; and John Tsoi, Director of Patient Advocacy. The ICU Team consists of: Vilma Fe Dispo, RN, Acting Nurse Manager; Erna Clarke, RN, Clinical Educator; Epifania Quimson, RN; Jasmine Allen, RN; Cai Lixia, RN; Siobhan Vereen, PCT; Veronica Gordon, UC; and Jocelyn Badillo,UC. The 4C Team is comprised of: Vilma Fe Dispo, RN, Nurse Manager; Janis Tyler, RN; Gail Alexander, RN; Walter Tang, PCT; Sursattie Singh, UC; Jason Antonetty, Food and Nutrition; and Lan Yi Mei, PCT.

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