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El Diaro: New York Downtown Hospital Honored - 8/12/06

A hospital that serves Lower Manhattan was honored as the best hospital in the state for patient safety.

New York Downtown Hospital, located by Wall Street, Chinatown, SoHO, TriBeCa, Battery Park City, and the Lower East Side, received the award from the State Health Department.

Yesterday the administration and staff made the announcement, saying that the award demonstrates the Hospital's commitment to high medical safety standards for its patients.

Also know as the “Ground Zero Hospital,” the staff of the Hospital cared for more than 1,500 patients and hundreds or rescue workers after the terrorist attack (of 9/11/01).

William Lynch was one of the employees that worked five days without stopping after the catastrophe. “It was an experience that I will always carry with me,” said Lynch, 65 years, who works as a carpenter in the Hospital. During 9/11, Mr. Lynch was in charge of making sure that the electrical generators worked constantly and without fail. “I still get emotional talking about it (the experience of 9/11),” commented Mr. Lynch.

Mr. Lynch expects to retire in three months after 23 years of working in the Hospital.

“I never imaged that I would live through something like that in my life,” he confided moments after speaking publicly about his commitment to his job.

According to Dennis Rivera, President of the 1199 Union for health care workers, the award that the hospital won is proof of the institution's commitment to providing the public with quality
healthcare services.

The Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer, was present at the event and recognized the work of the staff regarding patient health care, as well as the staff's service after the terrorist
attack (of 9/11/01).

Dr. Bruce Logan, President of the Hospital, said that on September 7th, the Hospital will open the doors of its new emergency center, The Lehman Brothers Emergency Center, which will have the latest medical technology in order to help the community and to respond in case of any collective crisis.

The emergency center, which was renovated at a cost of $25 million, is twice the size of the previous emergency facility.

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