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Joint Reconstruction Center

The Joint Reconstruction Center

If arthritis has begun to affect your quality of life and you can no longer participate in the activities you enjoy without pain, there is a solution.
At New York Downtown Hospital, we offer the latest advances in joint reconstruction and replacement.
Dr. Kenneth McCulloch, Director of the Joint Reconstruction Center, has extensive experience with a wide variety of treatments for hip and knee problems. He specializes in minimally invasive techniques, alternative bearing surfaces, resurfacing, and joint preserving procedures. Dr. McCulloch will also personally guide you along the entire road to improved mobility, from your initial examination to postoperative rehabilitation, with the compassion he is renowned for. If you are looking for increased mobility with a shorter recovery period, less postoperative pain and more natural results, the Joint Reconstruction Center at New York Downtown Hospital is the place for you.
To schedule an appointment and evaluation, call the New York Downtown Hospital Joint Reconstruction Center at (212) 312-5000.

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