Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Exercises, Techniques, & Next Steps

DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. DBT aims to help individuals learn new skills to manage intense emotions, improve relationships, and reduce self-destructive behaviors. It combines traditional cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness and validation strategies, and emphasizes the importance of balancing change and acceptance.


It was originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder.

Skills Worked On:

The primary focus of DBT is in teaching patients several key skills that can help them manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors more effectively. Some of the core skills developed in DBT therapy include:

  1. Mindfulness: A practice that involves paying attention to the present moment without judgment.
  2. Distress Tolerance: The patient develops strategies to help individuals tolerate and manage intense emotions without resorting to self-harm (or other harmful behaviors).
  3. Interpersonal Effectiveness: individuals learn techniques to communicate assertively, build and maintain healthy relationships, and manage conflicts.
  4. Emotion regulation: Strategies that help individuals identify and change negative patterns of thought and behavior(s) that contribute to intense emotions.
  5. Walking the Middle Path: Balancing acceptance and change. This helps individuals navigate difficult emotions and situations in a healthy and adaptive way.

These skills are taught through individual therapy sessions, group skills training, and homework assignments. The goal of DBT is to help individuals develop a more effective and fulfilling life by reducing emotional distress and improving relationships.

Finding a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Therapist

If you are looking for a therapist who specializes in DBT, here are a few pieces of advice that can help you in your search:

  1. Check with insurance providers: Start by checking with your insurance provider to see if they cover DBT therapy and which therapists are in-network.
  2. Look for a licensed therapist: It is important to find a licensed mental health professional who has received training in DBT and has experience using the treatment.
  3. Search online directories: Websites such as Psychology Today, GoodTherapy, and the International Society for Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT-ISFT) can be useful resources for finding a DBT therapist.
  4. Ask for referrals: You can also ask your primary care physician, a trusted friend, or a support group for referrals to DBT therapists.
  5. Evaluate credentials and experience: When you have a list of potential therapists, take the time to evaluate their credentials and experience. Look for therapists who have received specialized training in DBT, have experience working with patients who have similar issues to your own, and have positive patient reviews.
  6. Schedule an initial consultation: Once you have found a therapist you are interested in working with, schedule an initial consultation to determine if they are the right fit for you.

Remember, finding the right therapist takes time and effort, but it can be an important step in your journey towards improved mental health and well-being.…

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Top Rated Hospitals in the US and Hotwire Coupons to Get You There

A current study by U.S. News and World Report positions the top hospitals in the United States. The 2017 rankings depend on a few variables, including the healing facility’s mortality list: How great would they say they are at keeping their patients alive? Clearly, patients are exceptionally inspired by that measurement; yet health insurance providers likewise need to know when they are figuring out which hospitals to incorporate into their system. Hospitals incorporated into significant medical coverage organizations’ designs will see a larger number of clients and income than those that are not.

Hotwire Coupon Codes to Travel Out of State

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Top Hospitals in the United States

So which hospitals are the best in America, and why? For a certain something, they are eminent for their practices in no less than six claims to fame, making them national standards for quality medicinal services. They are additionally famous for their achievement in managing a huge volume of complex medical conditions. Numerous top hospitals are focused in the Northeast, perhaps in light of the fact that the district has for some time been a center point of training and industry development. Nonetheless, there are additionally exceedingly positioned hospitals in the Midwest, South, and along the West Coast. On the off chance that medical coverage organizations will pay for a costly treatment, they would want to diminish the risk by going to one of these very well-known facilities.

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland has been #1 on this rundown for about two decades, and in light of current circumstances. U.S. News gave their ear, nose, and throat and urology divisions culminate scores of 100.00, and the neurology and neurosurgery office got an almost impeccable 98.4%. Likewise, its disease unit is third-best in the nation.

2. The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is known worldwide and has turned into a dependable brand in the field of wellbeing learning. Its best projects are those in Diabetes and endocrine issue, stomach related clutters neurology and neurosurgery, and orthopedics; all of which positioned #1 on the U.S. News list. Mayo Clinic was additionally #1 healing facility on their inaugural Best Hospitals list in 1990.

3. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

California makes its most elevated section on the Best Hospitals list with …

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What to Do if you Get in an Accident

What would you do if you’re involved in car accident that’s not your fault? Dealing with an insurance company after an accident is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience. This article will provide you with tips to help you maintain a cool head throughout the ordeal and necessary steps you should take.

Best Dash Cams

Dash cams or dashboard cams can be a real life-saver in the event that you get into an accident and need to make a claim. If you have video that clearly shows that you are not fault in this situation then definitely give that to your insurance adjuster for your claim file. If you don’t have one already, take a look at this list of the best dash cams. If you do a lot of driving for work, it’s definitely worth having one.

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What to do if you get in an Accident

If the worst does happen and you get in accident that is not your fault, here are some steps that you should take to:

1. Try gathering important information.

Ensure that you contact the driver’s insurance company because the driver may be a bit reluctant to report the accident to his or her insurer.

Collect important information like the driver’s address, his or her name , contact information and statements from witnesses. You should also take pictures of the scene where the accident took place, take the name of the driver’s insurer and his or her policy details.

2. Don’t rush into picking unnecessary battles.

Sometimes the driver’s insurance may claim that their policyholder isn’t at fault for causing the accident and they may ask you to seek help from your insurance company. You may be tempted to fight the other person’s insurer but it’s very important to always pick your battles wisely.

Consider making a claim with your insurer so that they can fight the driver’s insurance company until they get the right compensation for you. Fighting the driver’s insurance company is a bit costly on your end and you may require a lot of resources at your disposal. Basically, you need a good lawyer to provide you with necessary legal advice.

3. Make sure you clearly understand your injury coverage

If you can’t work because of an injury that you sustained in the accident, then the driver is definitely at fault. The driver’s insurance company should definitely pay you for any wages that you lost. If the driver’s liability limits aren’t very high and don’t cover all your medical expenses, then you should definitely consider making a claim under your motorist coverage.

4. Ensure that you contact the right people immediately after the accident.

Contact the driver’s insurance and try giving all the facts that show why their policyholder is at fault for causing the accident. You should also contact the police so that they can easily determine who really caused the accident. The insurer always asks for physical evidence, witness statements, driver statements and the police report.…

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Is a Career in Nursing Right for You?

Let’s be honest, nursing is not for everyone. If you don’t drink coffee, you probably will start guzzling those beverages around 3rd year. It can be a demanding career physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Different nursing specialties will have different demands. For anyone considering a rewarding, but challenging, career in nursing consider the following questions to see if this is a good career match for you.

Can you work well in a team?

Nursing often involves working within a multi-disciplinary team compiled of various members. This may include physicians, administrative support, occupational therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and, of course, the patient and their family, to name a few. Being a good listener, providing your own input, and respecting each other’s roles can help optimize patient care.

Can you adapt to changing environments?

Ask yourself if you can be adaptable to changing needs and degrees of workload in a short period of time. It only takes one emergency or an abrupt change in a patient’s condition to have a steady day turn into chaos. Even in a community setting, if an outbreak occurs or flu season strikes the necessity to work harder, faster, and longer can be a reality.

Nurses are also expected to attend conventions and conferences where they learn about new technologies and treatments that affect all areas of the nursing profession. Sometimes these conferences are paid for by a nurse’s employer. And sometimes they aren’t, and they are expected to afford the cost of the trip with an offer code website like CouponLynx.org. Do you enjoy the sciences?

nurses careerCertainly nursing knowledge includes learning biology to understand how the body works. However, also be prepared to embrace chemistry and math. For example, consider pharmaceuticals and what knowledge is required to understand how medications work within the body, or how calcium ions affect the heart rate. Or, consider how the doctor may be prescribing the medication but it is important for nurses to double check dosages based on age and weight. This is not to discourage people who do not excel in the hard sciences from a career in nursing, but is a consideration to be prepared to work and study hard.

Do you enjoy psychology and sociology?

How people think, interact, portray emotions, and behave in society and with others can have a huge impact on their health. Having an interest in human behavior rather than preferring, for example, computer programming can distinguish personalities that may be appropriate for nursing.

Can you advocate for others?

Identifying the needs of people when they are in the vulnerable position of being a patient and having the confidence to speak up to advocate for those patients is a valuable trait in a nurse. It may be too easy at times to just perform the basic job requirements and go home. However, to make a difference in people’s lives and to achieve greater job satisfaction, advocacy can be a powerful tool.

Are you a strong communicator?

Strong written and verbal skills are required in nursing

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Career Options in the Health Industry

Healthcare is one of today’s largest and fastest-growing market sectors. Job opportunities in this field are expected to grow at a high rate in coming years. The healthcare field offers vocation possibilities for those who have a variety of different backgrounds, experience levels, and skill sets. The best 5 careers which are in demand in this growing sector include pharmacy technicians, healthcare managers, medical bills, medical assistants, and registered nurses.

1. Medical assistant

Medical assistants are accountable for carrying out various management and clinical tasks. They typically are employed in a doctor’s office or a medical center. The specific responsibilities of medical assistants vary subject to their employer and state regulations. In certain offices, they’re more hands-on with patients. In others, they mainly provide back office service.
Standard clinical duties include things like recording vital signs, writing down patient histories, and giving tests. Medical assistants perform a significant role in assisting medical offices run successfully. Apart from certain clinical duties, they are in charge of making appointments, documenting and keeping data, bookkeeping, and processing forms.

While a few medical assistants get on the job training, the vast majority of employers prefer prospects who have undergone certain training and education. Local community colleges and vocational schools often provide inexpensive classes that prepare students for this particular vocation route.  Here is an overview of the job and the requirements.

2. Medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding technicians are responsible for processing insurance claims and producing invoices for medical facilities. They submit documents to insurance companies and figure out if the patient will need to make a co-payment. Almost all medical billers are required to undergo training before getting hired. A lot of doctors work with over twenty insurance carriers, and medical billers have to be familiar with all their rules and guidelines. Thanks to an increase in the number of patients looking for medical care regularly, medical billing and coding is among the top in-demand careers in the medical sector.

3.Health education

This involves teaching the general public about proper health care and maintenance. The goal in this career option is not only to prepare people with knowledge but also to create an attitude to take constructive action in healthy behavior.

4. Healthcare administration and management

Health care administrators ensure that medical clinics and facilities run as smoothly as possible.  In small offices, they manage the entire business. In large facilities, they’re usually responsible for one section. Based upon their employer, health administrators can be in charge of following departments, supervising employees, and hiring qualified health care professionals when needed. They need to have a good knowledge of business management, finance, and health administration.

5. Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists with a number of chores. Most pharmacy technicians work in retail locations, while others work for mail-order pharmacies. Their specific obligations depend upon state regulations. Most include labeling medication, managing patient data, and processing prescriptions. They are generally accountable for receiving prescriptions from a patient or by …

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Why should you choose a career in Nursing?

There is hardly anything more satisfying and fulfilling then taking care of someone ill. This makes getting a job in nursing one of the most satisfying careers as it can ensure that you get the much needed job satisfaction. Nursing is one of the most respected fields and is in great demand all over the world. If you are looking to consider getting a job in nursing then here are some of the top benefits which you should consider.

Huge demand

The biggest benefit of getting a job in nursing is that they are in huge demand. If we look at the statistics then there is a shortage of about 800,000 nurses in the world. Medical care on the whole is on a big rise and which is why the demand for nurses is not going to plunge anytime soon.

High job flexibility

There are hardly few jobs which provide more flexibility than a career in nursing. Here you can work as per your need and work on a specialization that you are most comfortable in. Work hours are also very flexible as you can either choose to work full time or part time.

Personal satisfaction

Field of nursing is one of the most respected professions in the world. Nurses are considered as a key element between patients and doctors and act as a caretaker of those who are in need of help. In healthcare every situation is different and many times patient will need a lot of help from the nurses more so 18then doctors. In most of the cases, care and help received by the nurses is the prime reason for patients to recover.

Work in different places

Nurses are required all over the world. There is no different education required for different places which is why you get a very good career mobility. If you have completed your education in one part of the world and are looking for work in other part even then you can get very well respected jobs. You can work in any state, any country and even get a freelance job as a nursing consultant.

Good as second career choice

The best thing about getting a job in nursing is that you can even look at it as a part time career option. It can act as a backup for career and provide you good pay till the time you do not get settled in your major career.…

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